Blog of the Week – 06 May, 2016

Unlearning and Other Jedi Mind Tricks – Finding the (Creative) Force by Amy Burvall. A discussion of what it means to be creative and how to foster it.

Blogs of the Week – 22 April, 2016

1. Spacing in teaching practice – by Jonathan Firth

This post, written by a psychologist, is about why building time between learning activities on the one topic is important for memory recall. It leads to a discussion of interleaving topics.

A brief article about what anxiety is, how it’s triggered, and conversations that you can have with students about dealing with it.

Blogs of the Week – 11 March, 2016

A few weeks ago I sent out part 1 of Alex Quigley’s ‘Thinking Hard’ series.

Blogs of the Week – 26 February, 2016

1. What to do with Year 11? by Shaun Allison.
A raft of strategies to use with Year 11 as we approach the GCSE exams. There’s links there to reading about memory and recall, including this journal article by Daniel Willingham. It’s lengthy but worth reading.
It is focused primarily on English GCSEs, but the points he makes and methods he discusses are easily transferable to other subjects.

Blogs of the Week – 05 February, 2016

A discussion about whether or not we focus on too many topics superficially and gives some suggestions on how to narrow our focus and add greater depth to learning.
2. “Thinking hard and why we avoid it” by Alex Quigley.
This is part one in a series about thinking skills and cognitive load (some of you may recall an article about cognitive load theory by Greg Ashman in an earlier Blog of the Week email). It’s a long read but it’s worthwhile sticking to the end.

Blogs of the Week – 29 January, 2016

The third part of this series of posts looks at group behaviour as opposed to individual.
A good discussion on the need to differentiate between praise and acknowledgement with some links to further reading.

Blogs of the Week – 22 January, 2015

1. The Psychology of Behaviour Management, Part 2 by Nick Rose:

Following on from part 1 last week which looked at various psychology theories and how they impact on student behaviour, part 2 looks in depth at restorative justice and its links with psychology.
2. Why I hate highlighters! by Alex Quigley
An interesting read on questioning the use of highlighters as a tool for revision.

Blogs of the Week – 15 January, 2015

1: A Liberal Education and CVC by Stuart Lock

Stuart is the headteacher at Cottenham Village College. This post, on their school teaching and learning blog, is a discussion about the purpose of education.
This is a lengthy post about the psychology behind various behaviour management systems. It focuses primarily on the work of Skinner – positive reinforcement, operant conditioning etc. There’s lots of links to further reading as well.

Blogs of the Week – 08 January, 2015

1: Great Lessons 6: Explaining by Tom Sherrington

Part of Tom’s series on pedagogy, this oldie-but-a-goodie is a great explanation on how to… err… give great explanations.
2. Leading a Winning Team by Shaun Allison
A summary of qualities that Shaun believes, in his experience, great middle leaders have. I think this applies to far more than just middle leaders and is something that all of us can hopefully aspire to ourselves.

Blogs of the Week – 11 December, 2015

This post sets out how to structure verbal feedback to make it a valuable pedagogical tool, rather than a ‘tacked on’ approach.
An interesting read about cognitive behaviour theory and why you can teach the same thing over and over to the same students without them remembering it. It also includes some strategies to help overcome this.

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